Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus Wood Case

Wood Galaxy S9 Plus Case: Unique Smartphone Cover

Ever wondered why handmade objects are in such great demand?

Today nobody is impressed with the things you can find in anybody else’s possessions – uniqueness is in trend and doesn’t seem to come out.

Why Is Galaxy S9 Plus Wood Case So Special

Many craft accessories look as if they lack a professional touch.

Yet, a WOODGRAW Samsung s9 Plus wood case is the opposite – it is both handmade and flawless in its functions, design, and durability.

Besides, you can order your own engraving on a wood Galaxy s9 Plus case by WOODGRAW and enjoy an original present that is guaranteed to serve its owner for ages.

S9+ Wood Case: Purchasing and Shipping

Depending on the place, a WOODGRAW S9+ wood case travels to the client in 8-30 days, packed in an individual cardboard gift box that protects the item on the way.