A Wood Phone Case for Adventurous Souls

Connection with Nature is what a lot of people are looking for these days.
This Awesome wood phone case, card holder, or passport cover can bring that connection right to your pocket!
Eco-friendly materials, real, high-quality wood, and the love and dedication WOODGRAW puts in every wooden phone case and other accessories will leave every adventurous soul satisfied!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series in Stock NOW!

Wooden Phone Accessories That Inspire

WOODGRAW wood cases aren’t ordinary.
Every bumper is filled with inspiration for an Adventure.
Such a wood cover is suitable for people who love life, nature, and travel!

Real Stone & Wood Phone Cases

Stone or Wood, what do you choose?

Available in iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy Cases.

Real Wood Phone Cases Reveal Your Uniqueness

Solid wood phone cases, wooden credit card holders by WOODGRAW are Handmade.
Every case is unique due to wood patterns and gorgeous engraved pictures, highlighting your unique taste.

Wooden Credit Card Holders RFID Blocking


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Handmade Wooden Phone Cases

WOODGRAW was established in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2015. Since then, it helps people channel their Adventurous spirit!
Real walnut or oak are used for every wood case, and the illustrations are created by talented designers.

You can order custom wooden gifts or a personalized hardwood cell phone cover with a unique engraving, symbolizing your passion for life!

WOODGRAW’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Replacement and Return Policies, and Warranty Policy make sure every customer experience is pleasant! The quality of products is controlled throughout the whole manufacturing process. See for yourself!