Wood iPhone 8 Plus Case

Wooden iPhone 8 Plus Case for the Ultimate Freedom

Whether you want to feel the power of a mountain range, the freedom of fresh air in the faraway mountains, the salty taste of the ocean on your lips, touch your wood iPhone 8 Plus case and set up into a new journey.

Wooden iPhone 8 Plus Case for Your New Trip

Your wooden iPhone 8 Plus case will keep the warmth of your home on long trips and when you are at home, your iPhone 8 Plus case from wood will remind you of adventures in locations that other people can only dream about.

WOODGRAW creates every wood case for iPhone 8 Plus for avid dreamers and travellers.

Wood Cases for iPhone 8 Plus for Special People

Every iPhone 8 Plus wood case has engraved a character or a landscape to reflect the deepest desire of any soul: the ultimate freedom.


Can I get a case with my name?

Sure, just specify your request in your order form.

Do you deliver to Canada?

We deliver to all parts of the world.

How much is the delivery to the US?

Standard delivery is free. Express delivery costs is 25$.