iPhone 12 Pro Wood Case

WOODGRAW iPhone 12 Pro Case: Fill Your Life with Nature

In a big city of glass and concrete, a soul demands something natural and primordial. Within a quick lifestream, you cannot escape into the woods. On the other hand, you can get a piece of real wood into your pocket. Do it with a novelty from the WOODGRAW company - get an iPhone 12 Pro wood case.

Why Do You Need a Wooden Case for iPhone 12 Pro?

A handmade bumper goes far beyond a simple phone accessory:

  • WOODGRAW uses high-quality wood (American walnut and oak), which is challenging and beautiful at the same time.
  • Each iPhone 12 Pro wood case is an example of inimitable beauty: it has a unique, genuine print. Also, you can get any image or text on a case you want.

How to Get My iPhone 12 Pro Wood Case?

To purchase an iPhone case from WOODGRAW, you need to choose from numerous phone models available on the website.

Then, choose a design template you would like to see on your case. Add everything you like to the shopping cart. After you should use a PayPal system, which is safe both for a seller and a customer.

Each item comes in a rigid cardboard box. Do not forget that WOODGRAW delivers wherever you need.

Besides a wooden case for iPhone 12 Pro, you can order cases for other phones and various natural wooden accessories. Do not miss your chance to enlighten your life with some nature.