Wooden & Metal Credit Card Holders

Wood&Metal Credit Card Holder for Men

Stylish engravings on a mens metal credit card holder? Yes, and even more, because WOODGRAW went even further, as this accessory is made from natural wood and stainless steel. Metal credit card holders come with an automatic pop-up and money clip. Besides, WOODGRAW guarantees that they may hold up to 8 credit cards firmly.

Wood Credit Card Holder as a Gift

You may use a wood credit card holder as a gift for friends, or a lovely family. Upon request, WOODGRAW offers to help you with engraving on it, so you won’t forget about dear people or any favorite symbol.

WOODGRAW craftsmen polish every part of the wooden credit card holder and apply natural oil alongside beeswax to maximize the wood beauty.

The walnut wood is brown itself, while the engraving results in dark brown color. These card holders may be also made with bleached oak, a lighter wood that makes engraving contrasting. You may choose a metal case for credit cards and pack it as a gift at once as well.

Ordering Engraved Credit Card Holder

The engraved credit card holder is shipped worldwide. The prices for WOODGRAW holders are affordable, and you may have one today at $31.99. Try the natural smoothness of walnut wood and stylish stainless steel.