iPhone XS Max Wood Case

iPhone XS Max Case: Wooden Wonders to Find Your Inspiration

This is a great time to regain connection with nature - both around us and within us. No time for a relaxing trip to the woods? They come to you with WOODGRAW!

Real Wood iPhone XS Max Case: Take Inspiration with You

With a WOODGRAW iPhone XS Max wood case from gorgeous pieces of oak and walnut, you’re getting a part of the spirit of nature. Looking at such a wood iPhone XS Max case inspires, as each one is handmade with good vibes.

The essence of every wood XS Max case is to be the greatest at design and protection!

FAQ About Ordering a Wood Case for iPhone XS Max

What’s the delivery fee?

Every real wood iPhone XS Max case can be shipped worldwide for free!

What’s the delivery time?

You can get a wood case for iPhone XS Max within 8 to 18 business days, depending on your chosen delivery location. There’s express delivery within 3-7 business days for urgent orders as well!

What can you engrave on a cover?

Anything from your totem animal to a natural scenery or a mandala to calm your mind can be engraved on an XS Max wood case.