Wooden iPhone 7 Plus Case

Wooden iPhone Cases with Unique Natural Design

Are you looking for an original accessory for your 7 Plus iPhone? Pay attention to the WOODGRAW iPhone 7 Plus case. Wooden covers have a uniquely smooth and pleasant to the touch texture because the wood undergoes special processing during the manufacturing process.

Getting a wood iPhone 7 Plus case, you choose exclusivity and reliability.

Why Should You Get iPhone 7 Plus Wood Case from WOODGRAW?

Each wooden iPhone 7Plus case is handmade. By purchasing WOODGRAW wooden iPhone 7 Plus case, you will receive an environmentally friendly and stylish accessory that will help you to stand out. We select the finest pieces of American walnut and oak wood, saw them off, do a meticulous hand-sanding, and coat them with wax and protective oil. We engrave the design of a wooden iPhone 7 Plus case on a high-quality laser machine and re-coat it with oil. The construction of the WOODGRAW 7 Plus wood case helps to protect your favorite smartphone from damage.