Google Pixel 4A Wood Case

Google Pixel 4A Wood Case: A Unique Piece Just for You

An engraved Google Pixel 4A wood case by WOODGRAW will bring you a sense of uniqueness and contact with nature. Real wood, handmade items only, convenient purchase, and delivery conditions are nice bonuses to the love we put in every bumper.

Google Pixel 4A Wood Case: A Gift to Remember

WOODGRAW delivers every Pixel 4A wood case in a branded box. So it looks like a gift anyways, no matter if you buy the cover for yourself or as a present.

Such a wooden cover provides:

  • Phone protection;
  • Individual style;
  • Uniqueness;
  • 100% natural materials.

Hand-picked pieces of hardwood become customized covers for your particular phone model. WOODGRAW cares about every product, putting their passion about travel and discovery in them.

Get your 100% unique wooden case now and get closer to nature, as this is what every human needs now.