Wood iPhone 11 Pro Case

Wooden iPhone Cases You Will Never Want to Change

If you have ever wanted to run away from city life with its noise and fuss and find a place to detox your mind, now you have this chance. Durable iPhone 11 wooden case by WOODGRAW with natural textures lets you connect to nature – that is what comes in trend.

What Sets a WOODGRAW iPhone 11 Pro Wood Case Apart

In the mass market, a phone case rarely feels unique, exclusive, and l means something to you.

But with a non-boring WOODGRAW wood iPhone 11 Pro case everything changes as they offer:

  • One-of-a-kind designs.
  • Engravings of your choice.
  • Accessories made of wood.
  • 100% handmade cases.
  • Free shipping worldwide.

The company selects the finest american walnut and oak, gives each piece a handheld polish, carefully waxes and coats them with a layer of protective oil. This makes them durable and scratch-proof so that you could enjoy a hold of a unique long-lasting iPhone 11 pro wood case by WOODGRAW.