Wooden Cases for iPhone 6/6S

Wooden Case for iPhone 6 for Daring and Adventurous Minds

If you are an avid traveler and adventure-seeker, you know the value of quality natural products. Nothing can be better than natural wood. When you take a wood case for iPhone 6 in your hand, you feel the warmth of natural materials.

Wood Cases for iPhone 6s for the Freedom in Life

Woodgraw wooden cases for iPhone 6 are crafted for those people who are free like you. From a vast collection of wood cases for iPhone 6s, you choose the design that is well with your soul.

Wood iPhone 6 Covers Are Your Faithful Companions

WOODGRAW real wood iPhone 6 case is crafted for freedom and adventures. The solid wood iPhone 6 case will accompany you to any of your trips, whether to the top of snowy Everest or the very heart of Sahara.

Wooden iPhone 6 Bumper Case to Stand Out

Do you know many people who own an iPhone 6s wooden case? Woodgraw engraved wooden iPhone 6 case is for those only who feel the breeze of far winds and whom unclimbed summits are calling.

Choose the engraving and stand out.


Can I get a phone case with my name engraved?

Yes, you can. Send us a request, and we will do it for you.

Are there any shipping limitations?

No, we ship to all parts of the world.

How can I pay for the item?

We accept PayPal payments.