WOODGRAW - Awesome Wooden Accessories and Gifts

The combination of leather & wood,
handmade and modern technology

Creators of WOODGRAW

We chose Natural Wood & Leather

Because it is the most natural materials
that convey the warmth of our hands and our thoughts

WOODGRAW Products are Unique

WOODGRAW Products are Unique

Because the pattern of the wood is unique and each one looks different

All wooden parts are treated with natural oil and wax for Protection.
And for the Accessory to serve you as long as possible.

WOODGRAW vision it is a High Quality Product!

Our vision it is a High Quality Product!

All products we design initially for ourselves.
We are testing and improving for a long time so that you get a high-quality, not ordinary and unique Wooden Accessory.

That you would be 100% SATISFIED with the USE of products and could touch the Nature, just taking your phone out of your pocket.
This allows for a second to leave the city in mind and Enjoy the Natural views.

Let WOODGRAW Accessories Complement & Highlight Your Look!

WOODGRAW products are Shipped Worldwide

Personalization and Custom Design

Any product is not a factory stamp, we make each manually and Custom orders are possible.
Many products have a Personalization option.
You can add a Name, Initials or Engrave your company LOGO to create Corporate Gifts

Wooden accessories WOODGRAW - this is not just an Accessory,
this is Your Style that Inspires Travel and Adventure!