Wood iPhone X/XS/10 Case

iPhone X/XS Wooden Case from WOODGRAW

When it comes to style and design, wood always remains an indisputable mark of quality and good taste. Now, you can attract attention with a handmade wood iPhone X case from WOODGRAW.

Advantages of an iPhone XS Wood Case from WOODGRAW

  • Every iPhone X wood case is made from natural wood. It means not only full eco-friendliness but a strong connection with nature right in your hand.
  • Every wood iPhone 10 case is unique. You cannot find two identical pieces of wood.
  • You can order an engraved wood iPhone XS case. Become a designer of your own unique style.
  • An iPhone X wooden case shows better protective features. It stands more scratches and damage caused by falls than a standard plastic case.

Why Do You Need Wood Cases for iPhone X?

A wooden cover for iPhone X is not a simple case but a piece of pure inspiration. No matter if you are a dreamer or a master of every situation, your iPhone X wood cover is a doorway to a new experience.

FAQ about WOODGRAW Wooden Cover for iPhone X

How can I pay for my real wood iPhone X case?

WOODGRAW accepts PayPal, the safest system with the ability to integrate debit and credit cards.

Are there any restrictions concerning shipment?

No, we can deliver your iPhone X wood cover anywhere. You can learn more about our delivery policy here.

Are there any guarantees?

All wood cases for iPhone XS and other items are delivered in firm boxes. Our support system allows you to return and to exchange items.

I Want a Wood iPhone 10 Case and More Wooden Accessories

On the website of the WOODGRAW company, you’ll find lots of wooden cases and other items ready for personalization.

Real Wood iPhone X Case - Begin An Adventure of Your Life

A wood grain iPhone X case is not going to be a simple accessory but a part of your image, an addition to your personality. Let real wood in your hand highlight your wild nature.