Wood iPhone 6/6S Plus Cases

Choose a Unique Case for your iPhone from WOODGRAW

Nowadays, your smartphone is your calling card. When it is so difficult to be individual, it is a cool wooden iPhone 6s Plus case that is an excellent chance to prove yourself.

The developing process of wood iPhone 6s Plus cases is focused on the clients’ desires and preferences.

The customers get unreal wooden iPhone 6s Plus cases they need. A wood iPhone 6 Plus phone case awaits you!


What is the Time Of Delivery of a Wood Grain iPhone 6 Plus Case?

The time of delivery is 8-18 business days. Express delivery within 3-7 business days. The standard shipping is free and is carried out worldwide.

The Price of Wood iPhone 6s Plus Case

All the pricing is mentioned on the WOODGRAW site. For different products, it varies. The wooden cases for iPhone 6 Plus cost is about 30 USD.

iPhone 6 Plus Wooden Bumper and other Products

Except for the iPhone 6 Plus wood bumper, WOODGRAW also produces money clip wallets, card holders, and other great products. The entire list can be viewed on the website.