Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Wood Case

Be Trendy this Season with a Wooden s10 Plus Case

Wooden phone cases are a stylish hit of the 21st century. They are made of natural wood and rubber base. WOODGRAW is so thoughtful about the appearance of their product that they offer even the most extraordinary pictures on a Samsung s10 Plus wood case. Each line is distinct and precise - all pictures are painted by our designers.

What Makes Galaxy s10+ Wood Case so Special

Galaxy s10 Plus wood case can become your idiosyncrasy. It is so easy to make an s10+ wood case special - you can get any image or lettering engraved. Choose the one you like - it can be your tattoo, a photo of your idol, a picture of something intimate or dear.

Real wood cover from WOODGRAW is a handmade thing and can be a hearty present.