Wood iPhone 5/5S/SE[2016] Сases

Handmade Wooden Cases for iPhone 5/5s

Looking for a simple yet unique bumper on your iPhone?

Handmade by WOODGRAW with love, every real wood iPhone 5 case is one of a kind.

Wood Cases for iPhone 5S: Why Choose Handmade Unique Items

Nature makes everything unique. There are no two identical landscapes, stones, pieces of wood.

The most beautiful walnut and oak pieces are hand-picked and processed using natural oils and waxes to make wooden cases for iPhone 5.

Wooden Case for iPhone 5: Client-Oriented Products

Every WOODGRAW iPhone 5S wooden cover is made with customers in mind. That’s why we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and free worldwide delivery option for all products.

Wooden iPhone 5S Case: Reconnect with Nature

When holding an engraved case, you immediately get pictures of natural landscapes in your mind. Nowadays, anything that can bring tranquility and peace of mind is valuable.