Custom Wood Samsung Galaxy Case

Surprise yourself or your friend with a WOODGRAW custom wood Samsung Galaxy case. Choose from the existing design, or go for ANY personalized engraved design. Custom wood Samsung Galaxy cases are made of walnut, sapele, white oak, oak, and wenge. Photoengraving is made on bleached alder. All the materials are highly long-lasting!

Why WOODGRAW Custom Engraved Samsung Galaxy Case?

Custom wood Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case can be ordered with any design, including your favorite quote, initials of beloved ones, or your memorable date.

Custom wood Galaxy Note 20 case is tailored specifically for you by WOODGRAW’s craftsmen. Your design for Note 10 Plus or S10 Plus won’t be reused again.

Ordering Personalised Wooden Samsung Galaxy Case

WOODGRAW custom wood Galaxy S20 Ultra case is easy to order. First off, choose a personalized wooden Samsung Galaxy case and buy it, then send your favorite design to or leave a comment to the order directly in the cart mentioning the preferences. Ensure the photo is of 2000x920 pixels or more. Please wait for a layout from our designer, and approve it. Your design for the custom wood Galaxy S20 Plus case may be amended until you are delighted.

If you have inquiries or questions regarding ordering custom wood Samsung Galaxy s20 case or cases for Note 10, S10, S10e, and earlier Galaxy models, you may write to WOODGRAW at the same email. Our manager is happy to help you through.

WOODGRAW makes custom wood Galaxy S10 5G case and delivered other wooden products for more than 6000 satisfied customers worldwide.