Custom Wood & Metal Credit Card Holder

WOODGRAW Personalized Credit Card Holder: The Best Choice for Your Cards

WOODGRAW offers personalized credit cardholders: enjoy the stylish combination of wood and metal in a perfect personalized credit card case. With WOODGRAW, you will look balling.

Reasons to Order WOODGRAW Custom Credit Card Holder

  • WOODGRAW personalised credit card holder comes in different wood species. You can choose from the following wood types: walnut or white oak.
  • Metal body cardholder, RFID protection, pop-up mechanism that lifts your cards.
  • You can order a personalised bank card holder with an engraved design.
  • WOODGRAW custom credit card holder is delivered in a branded box.

Personalised Metal Credit Card Holder: How to Order

You can choose either of the variants. If you choose the personalized card holder with the quotation or inscription, the procedure is the following:

  • You choose the item and pay for it.
  • You can also opt for the font style.
  • It would help if you wrote the phrase or word to be put on the card holder in the commentaries.

Another option is to buy a custom item with a picture or engraved photo on it:

  • You need to find the item and buy it.
  • Send your image to email
  • The designer will create the layout and send it to your email for approval.

Custom Credit Card Case: The Best Quality Holder for Your Cards

Make yourself a gift or cheer your friends and colleagues with a WOODGRAW personalized card holder. WOODGRAW designers will deal with any engraving design performed on a brown walnut or white oak wood. To engrave an image on your customized bank card holder, WOODGRAW will use white alder wood.