iPhone Leather & Wooden Wallet Cases

Best iPhone Wallet Case for Your Touch

Looking for a non-trite iPhone wallet case? Find an accessory of top-notch quality and appearance with WOODGRAW. The best iPhone leather wallet case combines natural walnut wood and real leather.

Why Choose WOODGRAW iPhone Leather Wallet Cases?

WOODGRAW’s mission is to introduce people to an uncommon combination of natural materials. iPhone leather wallet cases are durable because they are sewn manually with no glue. The wooden part lined with engraving is made by mixing the touch of both nature and the illustrator who emphasizes its virgin look. Inside the wallet, there is a pocket to store credit cards, tickets, or notes. Finally, a leather iPhone case and wallet may be personalized with a name, initials, or a personal photo.

What Makes WOODGRAW iPhone Leather Flip Cases Distinctive?

Any presented WOODGRAW product is handmade.

The team picks the wood of the highest quality for iPhone leather flip cases. They use authentic walnut and oak. Such iPhone wallet cases may serve you for years.

iPhone Wooden Wallet Cases Prices

WOODGRAW does not put sky-rocket prices for iPhone wooden wallet cases, so they come at $42.99. If you want to grab the best deal for an iPhone wood flip case, order now. WOODGRAW will make your memories everlasting with any iPhone wood wallet case.


Does the company offer Express Shipping?

Yes, WOODGRAW offers express shipping to the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia.

Are there any other options instead of real leather?

Yes, WOODGRAW may offer the top iPhone wallet cases with ECO leather.

When was the company established?

WOODGRAW was established in 2015.