Custom Wood & Leather Wallet with Money Clip

Personalized Money Clip Wallets to Design Yourself

Have you ever had a desire to create one-of-a-kind personalized money clip wallets that are impossible to copy or reproduce, even close to the original? If this sounds like one of your wishes, you have come across the right place to find the solution.

The personalized product option on the WOODGRAW website stands out with the possibility to get any design that you can imagine. Accessories like personalized money clip wallets with graphics really mean something – what could be better than this gift?

Custom Money Clip Wallet With Your Designs

A personalized money clip wallet by WOODGRAW is indeed a unique accessory. Holding this custom money clip wallet, you realize that this object is unrepeatable.

What is best, any ideas of a graphical element that customers come up with will be met by a creative designer who is sure to exceed your expectations. Just send a picture, logo, or family crest to WOODGRAW by email to get personalized money clip wallets. WOODGRAW will create a personalised wooden money clip wallet.

Personalized Men’s Wallet With Money Clip

To get a personalized wallet with a money clip and the text of your choice, pick the product on the website and mention the text you want WOODGRAW to engrave on it. In options, select the font for personalization and leave other details to create a custom wood money clip wallet.

Custom Money Clip Wallets With Photos as Perfect Presents

If you choose to order a custom leather money clip wallet from WOODGRAW with a photo on the white alder on it, here is what you need to do to get a perfect personalized leather wallet and money clip:

  1. Choose a personalised wood money clip wallet on the website;
  2. Buy the product online;
  3. Send the image, logo, or photo (in high resolution) to e-mail;
  4. Get a designer’s message with a sketch and approve it.

The WOODGRAW will do its best to create a unique gift based on your comments and wishes.