Custom Wood & Leather Card Holder Wallet

Perfect Custom Card Holder Wallet by WOODGRAW: Gift That Will Surely Be Remembered

Are you always satisfied with the goods you buy? Starting with products and finishing with design, manufacturers often provide what they decided is right to sell.

But what if we could break this system? What if you could buy a personalized card holder wallet literally with any design you can imagine? Creating such a personalised wooden card holder wallet is now possible with WOODGRAW.

Personalized Card Holder Wallet With Unique Design

Now you don’t have to think much about what present to choose because, with WOODGRAW, you get the chance to buy a custom wood card holder wallet with a picture, logotype, family crest, or a photo of a particular moment engraved on it.

Such a personalised card holder wallet would make a perfect present for a close person and give them goosebumps at the sight of this custom card holder wallet.

Personalised Leather Card Holder Wallet

Choosing to order a personalized cardholder with text, names, initials, or any other important words, here is what you should do:

  • Choose the product on the website and buy it online;
  • Pick a font type you like in the product options;
  • Mention the essential details you want to add to the order in the comments.
  • The designer will create a sketch and send it for you to confirm.

The WOODGRAW team will take all these wishes into account, and all the words or images on each personalized leather card holder wallet made on white alder will look like you wish.

Custom Wood Card Holder Wallet

Send the email with the desired design in a large size and high quality to, and all your wishes concerning customization will be heard by the WOODGRAW team. The designer will go above and beyond for you to experience the joy of holding a unique personalized wooden card holder wallet.