Wood & Leather Credit Card Wallets

Mens Wood & Leather Credit Card Wallet - Your Status and Style

Leather credit card wallets for men are invented not just to hold money and cards. They show the personality, style, and status of their owners. What does a wallet from WOODGRAW tell about its owner?

The unique design of mens leather credit card wallets tells about your love for original things of prime quality. All the wallets are made from natural walnut wood and leather.

Your Wooden Credit Card Wallet with a Design to Last for Ages

A designer engraving ensures that your item is unique. If you want to have a wood card wallet with your own design, you can get it; just let us know what you want to see or send us your drawing.

Upon your wish, we can make a personalized wallet with your initials or name engraved inside.

WOODGRAW laser engravings on every wooden credit card wallet are made to last for ages. You might not worry that the engraving will rub off or be damaged by use. The same applies to sewing the wallet. It is made by hand, every stitch is controlled.

The leather credit card holder and a wallet are made to accommodate conveniently 4 to 10 cards and money. It is made for those who value quality and functionality.

Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder and Wallet for Those Who Love to Stand Out

Your genuine leather credit card holder and wallet will make you distinctive. WOODGRAW wooden card wallet is created with those people in mind whose idea is to combine the ultimate freedom and functionality, the eternal values, and advanced technologies. If you are one of such people, this is your wallet. Get it, and WOODGRAW will send it to you with free shipping.